Best Fark Headline Ever- California Bans Plastic Bags, Real Housewives…

Fark made the connection between the plastic bag ban in California and the future cancellation of the Real Housewives of Orange County and its awesome!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Baby Bachelor Finale [Video]

In ‘The Baby Bachelor Finale,’ Wesley must decide who gets the ring pop and who gets the car seat.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: ‘The Baby Bachelor – Episode 2’ [Video]

Episode 2: Now it’s time for Wesley to fall in love.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: ‘The Baby Bachelor.’ [Video]

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s nephew Wesley charm his future spouse with dinosaurs and kindness.

May The 4th Be With You: ‘Star Wars Day Attack Ad: Say No to May the 4th.’ [Video]

This is a public service announcement… with Yodas and sh#t in it.

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog VS The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. [VIDEO]

Because we can only shake our heads when watch Real Housewives on TV, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is providing a public service.