Woman Of Anti-Science Tours Field Museum Of Natural History. [Video]

Watch Megan Fox walk through the Field Museum of Natural History and attempt to discredit the fossil record.

Baby Farts In A Commercial About Baptisms Because Farts And Baptisms. [Video]

Norwegians are often described as quiet and reserved. Their pre-Baptized babies are another story – deep voiced, buck toothed and farty.

Mormon Missionary Dances To Beat It With MJ Impersonator. [Video]

Fun video of a Mormon missionary and Jehovah’s Witness impersonator having a dance off to Beat It.

Double Nut Shot From Fight Church Film. [Animated Gif]

How does god decide who to pull for when both fighters are asking for his assistance? In this case, god evens it out – both fighters get a nut shot.

Awkward Album Covers Feature Jesus And Ventriloquist Dummies.

What is up with ventriloquist dummies appearing in faith-based album art? Take out the ventriloquist dummies and you take out the awkward…

Manny Pacquiao’s Mom Putting A Curse Manny’s Opponent. [Vine]

Timothy Bradley defeated Manny Pacquiao in their first fight. Manny’s mom uses the rosary and some middle finger to make sure he doesn’t win the second.

‘Fight Church’ Movie – Faith And MMA, Pastors Fighting Pastors. [Video]

The documentary Fight Church explores the conflict between faith and violence in bloodsports like MMA.

JW’s Don’t Masturbate Video For The Deaf Translated. [NSFW Video]

The only way this signed ‘don’t masturbate’ video from the Jehovahs Witness could’ve been better is if they used the fake-signer from Mandela’s service.