Unimpressed With New Star Wars Movie. [Video]

The new Star Wars movie is going to flop. Just saw the sneak peek and it looked like the Macy’s Parade only not interesting.

Video Of Russians Towed Behind A Car Sledding Is Absolutely Nuts! [Video]

With the Olympics over, Russians now must find new ways to entertain themselves. Turns out, their towed behind a car sledding team kicks ass. RIP?

Video Of A Tank Being Moved By A Crane In Russia. [Video]

Seems like every video clip out of Russia these days should come with a bloopers soundtrack. Moving a tank with a crane is just one more example.

Russian Woman Bungee Jumps Without A Harness. [Video]

‘Russian Woman Bungee Jumps Without A Harness’ could be a video about the craziest girlfriend or the cheapest boyfriend in Russia.

Russian Justice: Guy Fills Car With Cement Because It Blocked Him In. [Video]

Remind me to NOT double park while in Russia. Even better, remind to NOT ever visit Russia.

Russian Subway Doors Stay Open While Train Is Moving. [Video]

Subway doors on this train in Russia don’t close. ‘In Russia’ joke becomes real!

Man Frees A Fox With A Jar Stuck On His/Her Head. [Video]

Natural selection interrupted – man frees fox with jar stuck on his head.