Let The Childhood Trauma Begin – Santa Writes A Letter To Naughty Kids. [Video]

A fed up mom did the thinkable: she gave her kids a naughty letter from Santa that she wrote. She may get her own letter for posting the video.

Homeless Protest And All I Do Is Smoke Weed T-Shirt.

Other places TO wear your All I Do Is Smoke Weed t-shirt include job interviews and court.

Best Title Of The Week: Don’t Hate Justin Bieber, Hate His Father [Defamer]

Article title of the week! Defamer’s posted an story on the Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy, and why he’s the root of all things awful about the biebs.

World’s Greatest Boxer Is Mickey Rourke. [Video]

Mickey Rourke is such an amazing boxer that his opponents fall down and get counted out at just the thought of being hit by Mickey Rourke.

US Black Friday Crazy Exported To Ireland. [Video]

Black Friday sales in Europe? Yes and Eur-welcome.

What Has Macaulay Culkin Been Up To?

Hopefully one day, Macaulay Culkin will make a Robert Downey Jr. kind of turnaround with his life. For now, it looks like it’s still in turmoil.

How A Brit Pictures Black Friday In US.

The ‘How A Brit Pictures Black Friday In US’ picture reminds me that the new LOTR collectors edition is on special….

Black Friday Over 30 Years. [Video]

A video made about the de-evolution of Black Friday over 30 years gets a little heavy handed but the message is accurate: we’re very sad consumers.