What A Dick Move – Saints Fan Grabs Football From Bengals Fan. [Vine]

You have to stay up really late and spend a lot of focus time trying to come up with a way to be a bigger dick than this Saints fan. On national TV too!

Kardashian Ass Coffee?

We tried not to post anything around the Kardashian ass picture. Kardashian ass coffee is the one exception.

Regatta Chaotica. [Video]

Enjoy the craziness that was the Snowflake Regatta in NY. Kids rowing into each other, kids rowing into docks and parents acting like assholes.

Worst End To A High School Football Game Ever!! [Video]

A high school quarterback, on the verge of winning a playoff game, makes a mistake that costs his team the game. It can’t get much worse than this.

Rubenstein: ‘Hung Like A Cashew’

Stanford Rubenstein has been accused of rape. In the meantime, his junk is already on trial in the ‘hung like a cashew’ court of public opinion.

Very Sad Day Over At Yahoo News – ‘We Couldn’t Find Any Stories’

If your retirement is tied to Yahoo stock, now would be a good time to panic.

Floyd Mayweather Is So Famous He Has To Tell People He’s Famous. [Video]

It’s not quite Mayweather-Pacquiao but it is a fight with a commoner that Floyd Mayweather can not duck. Won’t fight Pacquiao – will fight normal people.

David Letterman And Robin Williams – Dave On Their 38 Year Friendship. [Video]

David Letterman pays tribute to his good friend Robin Williams and nobody can do it better.