Hope For Paws Rescues A Dog Living On A Trash Pile. [Video]

Watch the amazing transformation of Miley the ‘barely living on a pile of trash’ dog rescued by Hope For Paws.

Car Crash That Killed Four Caused By Affluenza… Not All The Booze. [Video]

Crazy story out of Ft. Worth about a 16-year old getting only 10 years of probation for killing four while driving drunk. Won w/ the ‘I’m Wealthy’ defense.

Scream Makes Grandma Crap Her Pants. [Vine]

Please be fake, please be fake …. ok, penance out of the way. Enjoy this video of a grandma having the crap scared out of her by a scream. Sad but funny.

SpongeBob SquarePants Headstone Is Removed From Cemetery. [Video]

Spring Grove Cemetery gave Kimberly Walker’s family permission to erect a 7′ SpongeBob headstone on their daughter’s plot. SGC has since changed their mind.

Selfie 2.0 – How To Take A Selfie With Your Fake Girlfriend.

Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi has figured out how to take a selfie with his genuine faux girlfriend.

‘Life Through Google’s Eyes’ – An Auto-Complete Reflection Of Society. [Video]

Crazy video showing Google results where the search term starts with ‘I’m [age] and….’

Koala Bear Trying To Climb Up A Painted Tree. [Video]

Like a scene out of the film “Happy Feet.”