With Antarctica, Metallica Has Played On All Seven Continents In 2013. [Video]

Coke Zero contest winners got to watch a Metallica show in Antarctica because it’s badass! Actually, Metallica wanted to break a 7-continent concert record.

An Entire Christmas Dinner In A Can – The Christmas Tinner From GAME.

Nothing says ‘sad’ better than stocking up on the Christmas Tinner – complete Christmas dinners in a can. Please don’t be true.

Police Arrest Fake Cop Getting Dunkin Donuts Discount… He’s A Crier. [Video]

Charles Barry impersonated a police officer and US marshal to get a 10% Dunkin Donuts discounts. When he was arrested, he impersonated a 2-year old.

Lexington HS Goalkeeper Celebrates Blocked Penalty Kick. Backspin Plays For Irmo HS. [Video]

There’s a high school soccer player in South Carolina who’d really wants time machines to be real.