What To Do With Your Dead Mice Commercial Is Twisted. [Video]

The Tomcat rodent bait helped you kill 20 mice. Now Tomcat has some ideas on what you should do with all those dead mouse bodies. Put on a play?

Rabid Bat Bites Guitar Player. According To Bat: Guitarist Sucked. [Video]

I get the feeling the other campers at this campground, who were sick of this man’s guitar playing, put the rabid bat up to it.

Enzo Ferrari Owned By Michael Fux Crashed By Two NOW Fuxed Mechanics.

The first rule of being a Ferrari mechanic is to not crash a Ferrari. The second rule of being a Ferrari mechanic is to not crash a Ferrari. The third…

MiniBrake Is A Remote Controlled Bike Brake And A Pretty Dumb Idea. [Video]

Advanced Hover Parent: The MiniBrake is a remote controlled bike braking system that lets parents put on the brakes when their kids are learning to ride.

Send In The Old Guy So Bruce Lee Can Demo Punches And Groin Kicks. [Video]

Bruce Lee’s audition tape for The Green Hornet is recirculating and it’s fun to watch. Especially when then send the 70+ year old to spar with Bruce.

Incredible Rescue From The Houston Apartment Fire. [Video]

Watch a construction worker never panic as he waits for the the fire ladder to reach him. Amazing!

Worst Birthday Ever: Happy Birthday Grandpa – Here’s Your Rat-Cake. [Video]

At 96, Joseph Vallenti doesn’t ask for much. The only thing he asked for this year was a rat-free birthday cake and he didn’t get it. Rat-cake happened.

Bird Hits Plane’s Windshield At 170 MPH. [Video]

Bird Hits Plane’s Windshield – Watch Pilot Rob Weber make a safe landing after hitting a bird while traveling at 170 mph.