Comic Strip On Single Strand Of Hair. [Video]

Smart people just etched the world’s smallest comic strip on a single strand of human hair. Watch the video.

Drinking Water And What Happens If You Stop Drinking Water. [Video]

Brain shrinking, the shakes and other great side effects of being dehydrated are explained by Asap Science. Drink your water!

Seeing, Hearing, Walking – Miracles Of Science Video Compilation. [Video]

Amazing science gets some well deserved recognition via ‘In Science We Trust’ video.

High Resolution Video Of 1953 Atomic Bomb Test. [Video]

Set the video quality to 1080p and watch an atomic bomb blast in all its scary.

How Water Can Kill You – Water Intoxication Explained. [Video]

We’ve all heard about the poor woman who died in a water drinking contest – Asap SCIENCE now explains how she died.

Skull-Shaped Crystal Head Vodka Bottle Face.

A forensic artist constructed the face of a man from the skull-shaped Crystal Head Vodka bottle and it’s mostly creepy and then it’s kind of normal.

War Hazard Eliminated – Meet The Chemical Agent Destroying MV Cape Ray. [Video]

The idea of processing sarin and mustard gas at sea gives me the willies. Lets hope they don’t have any leaks.

The Cold War On Global Warming: It’s Super Cold Outside So Climate Change Is A Myth. [Video]

It happens every year – a little cold weather and the non-scientists experts at Fox call global warming a hoax. Even Trump made it on this exclusive panel.