When A Condom Is Not Enough Protection, You Need A Scroguard. [Video]

Nothing says ‘I want a second date with you’ like strapping on a Scroguard to prevent skin-to-skin contact.

Sperm Sample Taking Machine From China. [Video]

The only thing missing from this sperm sample taking machine is the optional prostate exam attachment – aka The Rectal Nuzzler.

Galactic Cap Is A Beanie For Your Weenie. [Video]

The Galactic Cap is a two-piece condom that attaches to your…. just watch the video.

Dr. Dong Removes A Knotted Jump Rope From A Guy’s Dong.

The jump rope shoved in the urethra wasn’t the problem – it was the damn knots! Chinese man goes from beyond Tantric to dumbass thanks to knots.

JW’s Don’t Masturbate Video For The Deaf Translated. [NSFW Video]

The only way this signed ‘don’t masturbate’ video from the Jehovahs Witness could’ve been better is if they used the fake-signer from Mandela’s service.

Check Out My Nuts! Female Squid Camo-Up Some Testes To Keep Males Away.

The female opalescent inshore squid has the ability to ‘activate’ nuts to keep males away. A human version of this ‘insta-nuts’ idea probably isn’t far off.

Asking Strangers On The Street If They Want To Have A Threesome. [Video]

Another video from the folks at whatever that plays out the same way as their previous videos with guys asking girls and girls asking guys for sex.

Crazy Headline From HuffPo: Man Accused Of Paying For Sex With A Roll Of Quarters.

Thanks a lot TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction.’ Because of your program, I assumed this guy paid to literally have sex with a roll of quarters.