Cristiano Ronaldo Disguises Himself As A Street Performer. Kicks Soccer Ball With Kid. [Video]

Ronaldo disguising himself as a street performer to see how people would react is part prank and part PSA.

French Soccer Player Trolls Swedes. Sweden Scores, Trolls Right Back. [Video]

It’s best to wait until the match/game is over before you celebrate in your opponents face. Layvin Kurzawa found out and has a salute named after him.

Sportsmanship: Soccer Player Florian Trinks Gives Handball Goal Back. [Video]

You hear about the flopping but you rarely hear about good sportsmanship in soccer. Watch a soccer player come clean to the refs about his handball goal.

Amazing Soccer Ball Juggling Street Performer. [Video]

Watch the amazing soccer ball juggling street performer keep the ball from touching the ground from his back, using his neck, during a handstand etc.

15 Years Ago, Grandfather Bets That Grandson Would Play For Wales. Wins £125,000.

Peter Edwards won £125,000 on a bet that his 18-month old grandson Harry Wilson would play for Wals FA. His next career? Early infant soccer scout.

Turkish Soccer Player Gets Heckled To Tears. Leaves The Match. [Video]

Why American football is better than the original football, soccer: first it’s all the flopping and now add to the list, it’s the crying.

Goalie Kicks Ball In Own Goal. [Video]

I think a huge assist goes to mother nature on this goal.

Lexington HS Goalkeeper Celebrates Blocked Penalty Kick. Backspin Plays For Irmo HS. [Video]

There’s a high school soccer player in South Carolina who’d really wants time machines to be real.