Video Of Animals Interrupting Golf. [Video]

We turned their home into a golf course, they get to interrupt our golf tournament.

Probably Drunk, Angry Golfer Breaks His Golf Clubs. [Video]

Watch this golfer drunkenly break his golf clubs because as every golfer knows, it’s never the player that sucks … always the club.

Putin On Ice – Watch Vladimir Putin Score Hockey Goals At Will Because Putin. [Video]

Vladimir Putin plays a little exhibition hockey with some Russian hockey legends. Gives them a lesson in who used to be the head of the KGB.

Jeff Francouer’s Reaction To The Deaf Teammate Prank Is The Best. [Video]

The El Paso Chihuahuas pulled the dread deaf teammate prank on Jeff Francouer and he fell for it hard. Idiot? Nope. Sounds like his a good guy.

Chris Paul Gets Kicked In The Mouth By Tony Allen. [Video]

I guess the ‘N’ in NBA doesn’t stand for Ninjas.

Switch-Pitcher: Can Yu Darvish Of The Rangers Throw Left-Handed Too? [Video]

I get the feeling Texas Ranger’s right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish would only pitch leftie to get into the batters’ head and it would work.

Don’t Mess With Adrian Beltre

Three funny gif’s of Texas Ranger’s Adrian Beltre getting goofed by teammate Elvis Andrus.

Australian Rugby League Match Interrupted By Big Fat Streaker. [Video]

A huge streaker interrupts Australian rugby match between New South Wales and Queensland. Watch the video at your own risk.