The Filipino Diving Team Is Gutsy But Not That Good. [Video]

For some, wearing a Speedo in front of a bunch of people is a nightmare. The Filipino diving team takes it one step further.

Where’s 87? Benchwarmer’s High School Football Recruiting Video

The best high school football recruiting video ever! I sure hope the high school football player in the video made it.

Watch Sam Gordon Score Touchdowns, Get Hit, Score TDs. [Video]

Want to see a girl play football better than the boys? Sam Gordon goes full-on Darren Sproles as she weaves her way across the football field.

How Satan Would Cheer At A Sporting Event. [Video]

Watch this woman cheer for her team hellishly.

Regatta Chaotica. [Video]

Enjoy the craziness that was the Snowflake Regatta in NY. Kids rowing into each other, kids rowing into docks and parents acting like assholes.

British Cowboy Fans Dress Up As Cows.

The NFL brought the Cowboys and Jaguars to the UK and the fans came out to show their support. Some supported their team literally.

Young Bruins Fan – Fist Bump For You, Fist Bump For You, Fist Bump For You… [Video]

Watch a young Boston Bruins fan, decked out in Bruins gear, fist bump his favorite players as they leave the ice. Simple. Fun. Awesome.

Blame World Cup 2014 For NBA Triple Flop 2014 – Flopocalypse 2014. [Vine]

DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, and Kenneth Faried all rooted for Brazil in the World Cup this summer and used the same moment to show what they learned.