San Quentin Prison Baseball Team – The San Quentin Giants. [Video]

Short documentary about baseball being played behind prison walls. How the sport builds camaraderie where it normally wouldn’t.

Eagle Stole My Golf Ball! Eagle Flies Away With Golf Ball. [Video]

Instead of a golfer getting an ‘eagle’ – here is an example of an eagle getting a golfer’s ball. I sure hope his playing partners gave him an eagle.

Katie ‘Six Beers’ Nolan Is A Good Golf Swing Away From Being Perfect. [Video]

Watch Katie Nolan do what Madison Bumgarner couldn’t – ACTUALLY drink six beers at one time.

French Soccer Player Trolls Swedes. Sweden Scores, Trolls Right Back. [Video]

It’s best to wait until the match/game is over before you celebrate in your opponents face. Layvin Kurzawa found out and has a salute named after him.

Love The ‘Alabama’s Going Down’ ESPN Commercial. [Video]

The Alabama and Auburn rivalry is explained perfectly in ESPN’s new ad campaign for the college football national championship.

Little Girl Cheers For Her Soccer Team Like Everyone Else. [Video]

From her dad’s shoulders, a little NK Rijeka fan cheers on her team and the video is hard to beat.

Chiefs Fan Heckles Pats Fan And Ends With USA USA Chant. [Video]

Welcome to the NFL experience.

Football Banner 20, Pee Wee Football Team 0. [Video]

Running through the banner was not in the playbook.