Wake Forest Uses Kim K And People Mag To Recruit Football Players?

The value of a degree from Wake Forest University just dropped to the floor. That’s what a sextape, reality show and f’d up parenting will do to it.

Cam Newton Focused On Donkey Kong Suh And Nick Fairley… Repeat. [Video]

Cam Newton has figured out how to answer every question in a pre-game press conference. Include a video game reference and former college teammate.

Jon Stewart Nails The NFL For Its Bullshit On The Ray Rice Story. [Video]

Requirements for being commissioner of NFL: look good in suit, bro-shake players during draft and don’t fuck up too badly. (Goodell looks ok in a suit)

Almost Naked Dodgers Fan Is The Definition Of No Fucks Given.

Going shirtless at an LA Dodgers game would not be easy. Being a large man, four beers in, and pulling up your shorts to get extra sun is just gutsy. NFG

Assholish Arizona Football Fan Stomps Out Beach Ball. [Video]

One Arizona football fan pops the beach ball. One Arizona football fan has his heartbroken.

Laird Hamilton Shoots Malibu Pier – Camerman Shoots Hot Chick’s Butt. [Video]

Somebody used their zoom lens to capture an epic video of an amazing event. Once you get through all the surfing blah blah – check out the chick’s butt.

Little Girl Gets The Foul Ball At Brewers Game – Is Awesome. [Video]

Watch this little girl play it cool, avoid the scrum, and get the foul ball at a Brewers-Giants game. Her friend celebrating next her is just the best.

Jim Harbaugh Must Have Been Adopted… [Video]

A wedding proposal between Baltimore Ravens fans gets interrupted by coach John Harbaugh. Not only did he not yell at them, he even suggested a group hug.