Stephen Colbert Talks About Replacing Letterman. [Video]

Last night, Stephen Colbert acknowledged David Letterman’s influence on late night talk shows while plugging his new gig taking over Late Night. Today’s Letterman is more Carson-like but early Dave, in the 80’s, was Conan/Fallon/Kimmel before Conan/Fallon/Kimmel. I’ve included a compilation video of Dave Letterman bits from 1984-1986 to remind people of Dave’s influence on […]

Stephen Colbert Plays Truth Game On Jimmy Fallon Show. [Video]

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert toss hardball questions back-n-forth in another game of ‘Truth or Truth’

Stephen Colbert Knows Why Google Purchased A Robot Maker. [Video]

Thank you Stephen Colbert for thinking ahead on how to deal with Google’s future robot army. Your solution is adorable.

Amazon Delivery Octocopter Drones – Dumb Idea Of 2013. [Video]

For all the smart people at Amazon, not one of them was able to stand up and say ‘this octocopter delivery idea is batshit crazy.’ Thanks Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert Tries To Sign Up For Obamacare And Prostate Exam. [Video]

Whether you agree with the Affordable Care Act or you disagree with Obamacare, the ‘Healthcare House of Horrors’ bit on the Colbert Report was great.

Breaking Character – 5 Times Stephen Colbert Laughed During A Bit. [Video]

Munchma Quchi appears in this compilation of Stephen Colbert cracking up during his show.

Hanksy, Not Banksy, Tagged Stephen Colbert’s Studio. Who’s Hanksy? [Video]

Watch Stephen Colbert finally crack the Banksy Code… wait a second, I mean, Hanksy Code.

Stephen Colbert Awesomely Dealt w/ Daft Punk Not Appearing On His Show [Video]

Mtv preventing Daft Punk from appearing on The Colbert Report was a gift for all fans of Stephen Colbert dancing.. like Ellen.