Crazy Headline From HuffPo: Man Accused Of Paying For Sex With A Roll Of Quarters.

Thanks a lot TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction.’ Because of your program, I assumed this guy paid to literally have sex with a roll of quarters.

DJ Steve Aoki Throws A Cake Into The Crowd And Hits A Kid In A Wheelchair In The Face. [Video]

Watch a kid in a wheelchair get hit in the face with a cake at a Steve Aoki concert and go nuts with the people around him. Even the audio’s weird in this.

Bear Rub – Why Are These Bears Rubbing On A Tree? [Video]

Watching a family of bears rubbing all up on a tree might give you the wrong idea that they are huggable and cuddly.

Watch The Parasitic Horsehair Worm Crawl Out Of A Dead Praying Mantis. [Video]

Unfortunately he didn’t pray enough.

Victorian Era Post-Mortem Photography.

When you couldn’t afford to commission a painting of the recently deceased, post-mortem photographs were the only way to create a keepsake to remember a dead loved one.