Grandma Chocolate iPhone Prank Has A Happy Ending – Video

For our grandparents, getting technology for Christmas = kids getting a pair of socks for Christmas.

Self-Driving Cars Thwarted By Rain. [Video]

Never thought about weather being an issue. Plan B: Bigger drones that will transport us to work.

Amazon Echo Is Going To Be Super Weird In The Bedroom. [Video]

The smart people at Amazon have created a Siri-type device that the whole family can use to get answers and fight over. Say hello to Echo.

Find Out What’s In The Duffel Bag In BAG MAN Short Film. [Video]

The short film BAG MAN will have you guessing and then have you hoping for a BAG MAN sequel… and maybe a prequel.

Video Of A Guy Bending An iPhone 6. [Video]

‘Video Of A Guy Bending An iPhone 6’ is not the first bending and breaking iPhone 6 video and it won’t be the last bending and breaking iPhone 6 video.

Sperm Sample Taking Machine From China. [Video]

The only thing missing from this sperm sample taking machine is the optional prostate exam attachment – aka The Rectal Nuzzler.

New Trailer For Interstellar. [Video]

The new trailer for Interstellar is out. Interstellar follows the travels of explorers through a newly discovered wormhole to reach deep space. Contact 2?

Comic Strip On Single Strand Of Hair. [Video]

Smart people just etched the world’s smallest comic strip on a single strand of human hair. Watch the video.