Will.i.am Untethered Smartwatch? According To TDD, Will.he.won’t.

Environmentalist and technologist will.i.am is coming out with a smartwatch that does everything and doesn’t need a tether. The Daily Dot calls bullshit.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ On-Court Projection System. [Video]

The Cleveland Cavaliers honored former Cav Zydrunas Ilgauskas by projecting a highlight video on the basketball court. Threw in some cool effects too.

Seeing, Hearing, Walking – Miracles Of Science Video Compilation. [Video]

Amazing science gets some well deserved recognition via ‘In Science We Trust’ video.

Social Networking App For Drunks Was Fake – Sorry Drunks. [Video]

Unfortunately, the Livr app is fake. Even more unfortunate, the apps Livr’s creators were poking fun at aren’t fake.

Insane Commercial Includes An Internet Baby Cutting Its Umbilical Cord. [Video]

Advertisers spend vast amounts of time creating ads that appeal to their audience. In India, umbilical cutting, selfie taking babies must be a thing.

Google Glass Is Giving Me A Headache.

Chris Barrett was an early into Google Glass but now he’s dropping it. Severe headaches should not be a product feature.

Turn Your Empties Into LED Lamps With The Cork Mounted Bottle Light. [Video]

The rechargeable, LED Bottle Light will motivate you to finish off that bottle of wine because the bottle will look so good as a lamp.

Missing Quadcopter Sign – Reward Offered.

Get used to seeing the missing Quadcopter signs mixed in with the missing pet signs. I just saw my first.