Fight Club Scene Without Tyler Durden. [Video]

Fight Club looks bizarre without Tyler Durden. With Tyler Durden, Fight Club is bizarre. Fight Club is one of the few films that live up to the hype.

Just About Everything In 1991 Radio Shack Ad Replaced By Mobile Phone.

Just when you think about how much waste is involved in upgrading our mobile phones, you find out how many things our mobile phones have replaced.

Elderly Swedish Man Writes Letter To Paper – Close Down The Internet

Read the letter written by 73-year old Swede Bo Bergman and then decide for yourself – is he nuts or does he make some valid points?

Hacked IP Camera Captures Video And Plays ‘Every Breath You Take’ [Video]

Watch a guy figure out his IP camera has been hacked and patiently call tech support for help. Personally, I would’ve taken a hammer to that camera.

Claymation Short ‘Operator’ Shows How The Machines Will Take Over. [Video]

Art imitates life in the short claymation film ‘Operator’ – a film that tells the story of Bob and his effort to fight off a bio-mechanical parasite.

The INTERNET Transistor Radio Was The Internet Before The Internet.

Just found out the INTERNET was sold to an antique collector for around $27. It came with a warranty and instructions.

Fisher-Price’s Apptivity Seat Hands Good Parenting Over To The iPad.

Great – Fisher-Price wants to shove an iPad in my kids face before they can walk and find the one I hid from them. You raise the kid Apptivity Seat.

Honda’s Smarphone Case With Airbag. [Video]

I love it when companies you think of one way, go the opposite direction. Honda’s smartphone case with airbag parody is genius.