Taylor Swift Appears In Middle School Project Video Found On YouTube. [Video]

Watch the unlisted YouTube video that has an 8th grade Taylor Swift pitching Paco’s Paradise Smoothies.

Is There A Free App That Solves Math Problems? Yes. [Video]

What a cool idea. PhotoMath isn’t going to be perfect at solving math problems but it should be a good study aid. Watch the video of how it works.

Aftermath Of A Massive 2000 Guest Rave In Western Michigan. [Video]

For parents with small children – watch this video, kiss your kids and never

BB Gun Shooting Vandals Call 911 When Followed By Angry Victim. [Video]

Teenagers shooting out car windows with a bb gun panic when a motorist gives chase. Now known as cowards and dumbasses.

Guitar Smashing For Kids. [Video]

The teen rock band Casino had to show off a little for their classmates and did so in true rock and roll style. Grandma won’t be happy.

Hockey Hair Rated – Love It. [Video]

The real winners of Minnesota’s state high school hockey tournament appear in the ‘4th Annual Hockey Hair Team’ video. It’s all about the flow.

Explosive ‘Stay In School’ Spoof PSA From Australia. [Video]

Aussies obviously care more about school than the rest of us. The ‘Set Yourself Free’ PSA that uses ‘once’ unexploded munitions to send the message to kids.

High School Kid Whips Out A Dildo During A Homecoming Assembly. [Video]

At some point, this kid thought that swinging a dildo around from his pants would crack his classmates up. Lesson learned: dildo in public is never funny.