Pee-Wee’s Playhouse On Netflix Instant!

The awesomest, timeless, wackiest kid’s show ever is now available on Netflix Instant. Hard to beat watching Pee-wee’s Playhouse with your kids.

Mexican Kenny Powers?

I bet Mexican Kenny Powers, saying things like ‘Kenny Powers days of burning ass are done. And that’s not a homosexual reference’ in Spanish, is awesome.

Price Is Right Fail – Corey Shows How You Shouldn’t Bid On An Item. [Video]

If you’re not sure of a price on The Price Is Right, you might as well go so high that people remember you and your video goes viral.

Mtv’s The Challenge Features Women Out-Dumbing Each Other. [Video]

If you ever wondered about how Mtv chooses people for their ‘reality’ shows – watch this clip and know that intelligence test are not part of the process.

Send In The Old Guy So Bruce Lee Can Demo Punches And Groin Kicks. [Video]

Bruce Lee’s audition tape for The Green Hornet is recirculating and it’s fun to watch. Especially when then send the 70+ year old to spar with Bruce.

April Fools – Just Jimmy Kimmel Encouraging People To Be Mean… Again. [Video]

The Jimmy’s edition of Goofus and Gallant. Jimmy Kimmel likes videos people being dicks. Jimmy Fallon likes to have dance offs with Justin Timberlake.

Confrontation From Les Miserables Performed By Harris And Segel. [Video]

Inside the Actors Studio took a surprising turn when How I Met Your Mother met Les Miserables and performed ‘Confrontation’

Prepare For Season 4 And Get Caught Up With Game Of Thrones In 9-Minutes. [Video]

The Fine Brothers want you to get caught up with what’s happened in the first three seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ with a 9-minutes recap.