Video Compilation Of The Gang From It’s Always Sunny Being Awful. [Video]

The only downside to watching ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is that it’ll make all the other shows you watch suck more.

No Way ‘New Baby Buggy’ Just Pops Into Your Head. [Video]

A man won $45,000 dollars on Wheel of Fortune by guessing a ‘thing’ using only the first two letters.

The LEGO Simpsons And LEGO Movie Characters Do The Couch Gag. [Video]

Features four things people like: The Simpsons (pre-2007), characters from the LEGO movie, LEGO and stop motion.

Stages Of Addiction Fly By At Cocaine Speed In Comedy Central Bit. [Video]

Is there such thing as being addiction proof? Yes yes yes yes yes… ok no.

Intro For The Six Million Dollar Man Is Best TV Show Opening Ever. [Video]

In the 70’s, Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman were household names. The timeless intro for The Six Million Dollar Man still holds water 40 years later.

One Man, 33 Simpsons Impressions. [Video]

I thought my Otto impression was gold until I watched Brock Baker nail 32 more Simpsons impressions than me. ‘Heyyyy Bart’ alone isn’t going to cut it.

Game Show About Florida – Fake Or Florida. [Video]

From Miami Vice til now, the state of Florida has gone from the ‘it’ state to a punchline – let me guess: Florida? Seth Meyers seizes on his opening.

Jimmy Fallon Collecting On His Tonight Show Bets. [Video]

Watch Mike Tyson and Rudy Giuliani pay up during Jimmy Fallon’s first night on The Tonight Show. They didn’t think he’d get the job and they’re $100 poorer.