Sid Caesar In History Of The World Part 1: How Music Was Invented. [Video]

Comic actor and writer Sid Caesar died on February 12, 2013. Here’s his memorable ‘How Music Was Invented’ bit from the film ‘History of the World: Part 1″

Missing The Cold War And An Angry Mikhail Gorbachev On The Daily Show. [Video]

Jason Jones from The Daily Show went to Russia hoping to bring back the good ol’ days of the Cold War. All he got was America with a screwy alphabet.

Louis CK On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. [Video]

Louis CK on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart is hard to beat. Louis CK talks about his new ‘old’ movie and how Jon Stewart helped fund it.

‘What Is Mankini’ From The Soup Was Used On Jeopardy. [Video]

The only time I’ll ever call the third place finisher on Jeopardy the real winner and all he had to do was use ‘What is Mankini?’ in final Jeopardy.

Larry David Insulting People Is Funny. Five Second Rule Is Hilarious.

Watch Larry David get all sweary on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Then watch Larry get the worst erection when he hugs Auntie Rae for over five seconds.

Real News Story On NSA Interrupted By ‘Breaking News’ On Justin Bieber. [Video]

If the NSA ever needed incentive to investigate a foreign national acting like a terrorist in the US, this is it. Getting trumped by Bieber has to hurt.

Animal Planet’s ‘Call Of The Wildman’ May Be Animal Abusing Fakes. [Video]

Sounds like ‘Call of the Wildman’ might be the next unreality TV show. But why we still watch these programs is actually more shocking.

Man In A Horse Head Mask Leisurely Trots By During Weather Report. [Video]

Why is the horse head mask so awesome? Because the people who own them know the best times to wear them. Videobombing a live news report: CHECK!