Thomas The Tank Engine : Compilation Video Of Train Crashes. (NSFTots)

‘Thomas The Tank Engine Crash Compilation’ is a video you don’t want to show your youngsters set to music you probably don’t want your kids to listen to.

Pranking In Brazil: Little People Turned Into Living Toys And Freak Out Shoppers. [Video]

Brazilian hidden camera show pulls off a prank straight from your Chucky’ish nightmares.

Family Feud – Name A Body Part That Begins With The Letter T …

Could’ve said tongue, thumb or toe but this contestant on the Family Feud had another ‘body part that begins with T’ in mind and it was his favorite.

Crazy Japanese TV Presents – Ass Cannon [Video]

Some things we try to explain. The ass cannon from Japanese TV is one that we’ll let stand on its own.

Comedian Bill Burr’s Take On The Paula Deen Scandal: We Need ‘The Disgrace Channel.’ [Video]

Bill Burr proves you can talk about the Paula Deen scandal without being a ‘holier than thou’ dickhead.

‘News Bloopers From June 2013.’ [Video]

‘News Bloopers From June 2013’ before June is over? Enjoy.

The League – Best Of Rafi. [Video]

The League’s Rafi has his own ‘best of’ compilation video and it’s NSFA (anywhere).

Bloopers Compilation Video: Animals vs News Reporters. [Video]

Attack of the cats and a little bit of Jurassic Park in this Reporters vs Animals blooper video.