PSA For Chinese Tourists Features Pandas, Peeing And Passing Out. [Video]

China created a PSA so that their tourists behave properly when they are traveling. It wouldn’t hurt for all countries to create a tourism PSA.

How To Properly Deal With A Black Widow In Your Shoe.

You pick up your running shoe and you find a black widow with an egg sac – what should you do? Our free tip for dealing with a black widow in your shoe.

Sex Before A Competition Is Good. [Video]

Turns out, abstinence before a sporting event is NOT a good thing; sex before a competition is good. How does begging for sex affect athletic performance?

10 More Bets You Can Make And Win. [Video]

Watch and enjoy ’10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win’ from Quirkology.

Don’t Ask Why : Bubble Wrap Bike [Video]

Dilemma: you want to ride your bike but you want to pop the bubbles on your roll of bubble wrap too. Eric Buss’s bubble wrap bike is your solution.

What You Should Do If You’re Attacked By A Mountain Lion.

This is a spoof; do not actually follow these cat owner inspired tips.

Survival Guide: Elephant Charge. [Video]

The ‘best’ best way is to avoid being in a place with wild elephants. If you screwed that up, here’s your next best option.

An International Guide To Drinking And Curing Hangovers.

This is a public service announcement:’s colorful and simple ‘Hangover cures and the calorific cost of booze’ infographic.