The LEGO Simpsons And LEGO Movie Characters Do The Couch Gag. [Video]

Features four things people like: The Simpsons (pre-2007), characters from the LEGO movie, LEGO and stop motion.

Guy Repairs His Fiancée’s Long Lost Teddy Bear And Scores Huge Points. [Video]

Watch this woman give a child-like response to receiving her repaired childhood teddy bear.

GUESS WHO Game Made With Characters From Pulp Fiction.

Joe Stone’s Guess Who? Pulp Fiction is a game changer. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hasbro doesn’t start creating Guess Who? Star Trek, Guess Who? Pixar etc.

Play-Doh You Can Eat – The Edible Sweet Art Taste Test. [Video]

Play-Doh eaters of the world unite and celebrate Edible Sweet Art – the Play-Doh you’re expected to eat. Sorry Elmer’s Glue eaters – nothing for you yet.

My Talking Henry Rollins – Doll That Plays With You And Your Mind. [Video]

Funny video from 2012 that lets your kids have a Henry Rollins experience – it’s the ‘My Talking Henry Rollins’ doll and it’s exists to f you all up!

Blues Brothers Mall Chase Scene Recreated With LEGO Pieces. [Video]

The famously expensive chase scene in the Dixie Square Mall didn’t have to happen. Turns out, LEGO pieces could’ve been used instead.

LEGO ‘Let’s Build’ Commercial. [Video]

The new LEGO ‘Let’s Build’ commercial is very sweet and will get a lot of parents off the couch and into the tube of LEGO with their kids.

Photoshop: Baby Dolls Look Like Baby.

Another edition of caption/comment with a little bit of Photoshop.