Big Fat Truck On A Little Bridge. [Video]

What do you think happens when a fully-loaded semi-truck crosses a bridge made during one of those 1940’s Tarzan movies?

Jeff Gordon Pranks Jalopnik Writer Who Doubted Pepsi Max Test Drive. [Video]

Watch Jeff Gordon get back at the Jalopnik witer who doubted his first Test Drive video for Pepsi MAX. It’s a pants shitting moment for Travis Okulski.

The Scariest Video Of A Car Driving On The Scariest Road In The World. [Video]

Unbucket List…. check!

Car To End Nightmares: Car Reconfigured And Driven By Backseat Driver. [Video]

Do you have this nightmare: ‘sitting in the backseat of a car rolling down a hill?’ If you do, a Dubai auto shop has built a car to help you sleep soundly.

Train Ride From London To Brighton Filmed 30 Years Apart (1953, 1983, 2013) [Video]

Cool point-of-view video of a train ride from London to Brighton set to music from The Chemical Brothers.

Water Bomber Puts Out Vehicle Fire On Trans-Labrador Highway [Video]

Amazing video of a water bomber, that is normally used to douse forest fires, putting out a grader and transport truck fire on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Man In Maine Goes Nuts When He Sees A Moose Running Along I-95. [Video]

Double rainbow guy, this is following a moose along I-95 in Maine guy. Following a moose along I-95 in Maine guy, this is double rainbow guy.

Don’t Ask Why : Bubble Wrap Bike [Video]

Dilemma: you want to ride your bike but you want to pop the bubbles on your roll of bubble wrap too. Eric Buss’s bubble wrap bike is your solution.