20 Years A Lost Luggage – Found! [Video]

Reunited and it feels so good. Maria Dellos gets her lost luggage back after 20 years.

Tourist Are Paying To See Beast Jesus. [Video]

Cecilia Giménez was just trying to help when she created Beast Jesus. Now her restoration is bringing tourist to her town who are paying to see her work.

PSA For Chinese Tourists Features Pandas, Peeing And Passing Out. [Video]

China created a PSA so that their tourists behave properly when they are traveling. It wouldn’t hurt for all countries to create a tourism PSA.

An Epic Travel Video That’s Fun To Watch. [Video]

Alex Chacon traveled 125,946 miles through 36 countries on five motorcycles for this video.

Video Of Teen Stowaway Getting Off The Airplane In Hawaii.

Watch the 15-year old stowaway get off the plane and wobble around the runway like 1/3 of the actual passengers do.

Snoring In A Hostel Gets The Snorer An Angry Letter.

Who the hell writes ‘with the fiery hatred of thousands of burning suns’ in a please stop snoring letter? Dumbass in bed #70 did and he should be kicked.

French Tips For Visiting America.

Mental Floss has compiled a list of translated French tips for visiting America and they’re awesome. From meeting ugly children to bathroom etiquette.

Great Wall Of Graffiti- Sections Of China’s Great Wall OK For Graffiti.

Turns out the best way to beat graffiti on the Great Wall of China is to allow it. China’s suprising solution for combating graffiti on the Great Wall.