Newscasters’ Saying The Same Valentine’s Day Nonsense Blah Blah Blah. [Video]

Conan’s latest ‘newscasters agree’ bit and this one has Valentine’s Day attached to it. Here’s the ‘newscasters agree’ bit and this one has Valentine’s…

KTLA Reporter Gets Tongue-Tied And Samuel L. Jackson Goes Off On Him. [Video]

Sam Rubin of KTLA is having a bad day. Getting tongue-tied during an interview with Samuel L. Jackson is not easy.

Every TV Newscaster Is Using ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ As A Lead-In. [Video]

Yes, our local TV newscasters could be replaced by robots… or kittens. Watch several dozen Stepford newscasters repeat the ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ line.

It’s So Rough In Detroit That The Reporters Regularly Drop F-Bombs. [Video]

Dropping an f-bomb on live TV is a good way to get fired in most cities but not Detroit.

‘News Bloopers From June 2013.’ [Video]

‘News Bloopers From June 2013’ before June is over? Enjoy.

KHQ Spokane Reporter Drops Two F-Bombs During News Broadcast. [Video]

Reporter drops two f-bombs during news broadcast – in studio anchor’s reaction steals this one though.