Roseanne Reunites With DJ And Becky. [Video]

Was TV Roseanne a good parent to her TV Roseanne kids? Find out watching this video of a Roseanne reunion on The Talk.

Homer Simpson’s Dream Car ‘The Homer’ Is Real!!!

D’oh! The Homer: the ‘car for the average man’ is participating in the 24 hours of LeMons from June 29-30th.

In The UK, Having A Blow-Up Doll In Your Vehicle’s Back Window Is A Ticketable Offense. [Video]

Attention needing delivery service displays an inflatable doll in the back window – morons and dumbasses appreciate this move.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: ‘The Baby Bachelor – Episode 2’ [Video]

Episode 2: Now it’s time for Wesley to fall in love.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: ‘The Baby Bachelor.’ [Video]

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s nephew Wesley charm his future spouse with dinosaurs and kindness.

ESPN First Take Fart: ‘First’ First Take = Fart. Second First Take = No Fart. [Video]

Something doesn’t smell right about ESPN’s First Take – figuratively and now literally.

The Office Farewells: The Office Cast And Crew Talk About What The Show Means To Them. [Video]

As the cast of The Office say goodbye, I’m going spend some time figuring out how to tell my kids Jim and Pam are not a real couple.

‘I Have A Bad Feeling About This Flight…’

For the former cast of Lost, commercial flights are a bitch!