Man Swallowed By Snake For A TV Show. [Video]

The Discovery channel’s Eaten Alive will have a guy, in a special suit, swallowed whole by an anaconda. Hooray for sweeps months!

Interrupting Cosmos – Oklahoma Really Wants To Be The Next Florida. [Video]

Don’t fuck with creationism: An Oklahoma FOX TV station interrupts Cosmos mid-show with a perfectly timed newsbreak about nothing.

‘Lord Of The Crumbs’ Mixes Cookie Monster With Lord Of The Rings. [Video]

One constant is that Sesame Street has always made great parodies of TV shows and films. Lord of the Crumbs is no different.

Universal Studios Used To Have A Make Your Own, DIY Star Trek Episode. [Video]

Watch the Malouff family act out a scene in Star Trek with the original crew members in DIY Star Trek episode from Universal Studios.

Watch TV Anywhere w/ DISH Network’s Tailgater Transportable Satellite Antenna.

No better way to experience nature than watching the Nature channel in the comfort of your own tent.

Compilation Video Of SNL Cast Members Breaking Character [Video]

Video reminder that some of the most memorable sketches on Saturday Night Live happened when cast members couldn’t stay in character and laughed.

Eye Roll: Weather Person Probably Hates Being The Weather Person. [Video]

Sometimes, it’s hard to fake joy in what you do.

Another Weird, Nutty And Funny Japanese Commercial Compilation Video.

These weird commercials from Japan are a perfect example of what happens to creative people who feel the ever present threat of Godzilla.