Reporters Revenge: Video Bombers Become The Story In ‘The Pat-Down.’ [Video]

Back in 2010, WGN’s Pat Tomasulo struck back at the camera muggers and wavers with ‘The Pat Down’ and every reporter in the world celebrated.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Baby Bachelor Finale [Video]

In ‘The Baby Bachelor Finale,’ Wesley must decide who gets the ring pop and who gets the car seat.

Woman Wins One Million Dollars On Wheel Of Fortune. [Video]

Autumn Erhard won $1 million but she probably wasn’t the happiest person on the stage at the end of the show.

Best Of Ralph Wiggum Compilation. [Video]

Ralphisms: Two-minutes and forty-one seconds with our favorite Simpson’s character.

David Koechner Says Farewell To ‘The Office’ As Only Todd Packer Would. [Video]

Parks and Recreation: we’re going to need more Jean-Ralphio to fill the void.

Jon Hamm On The Daily Show. [Video]

Jon Hamm has a permanent spot on C-saurus. Why? Because last year, he nailed it on the whole reality TV cluster-f@ck.