G G Giraffe – The Mechanical Plush Toy Giraffe No Kid Wants…

Want your spoiled kids to appreciate you and the gifts you purchased them for Christmas? Make G G Giraffe the first Christmas gift they open.

Is The Arizona Center Throwing Up On The Football? [Vine]

This is what happens when you run an up-tempo offense – people throw up.

Prank – Christopher Walken Calling Xbox Tech Support. [Video]

Watch this Jerky Boys’ish prank w/o doing the Christopher Walken voice. What’s it going to be like when the real Christopher Walken needs tech support?

Baby Don’t Like Beard – Beard Preserved In Lucite. [Video]

Meet new dad Luke, his scraggly beard and his daughter Willa. With some cosmetic changes, and some lucite, they can all live peacefully together.

Removing Your Mustache With A Homemade Taser. [Video]

Mehdi Sadaghdar wants to end Movember with a bang by shaving his mustache off in four awful ways – wax, kitchen knife, homemade taser and lighter fluid.

BungleBots – Crappy Robots Battle It Out. [Video]

See the silly side of high technology in Japan as the least technical robot designers battle each other with their barely functioning robots.

Little Girl Let’s The Cow In The House. [Video]

Sweet video of a 5-year old snuggling up to her pet cow. In the video, there’s some sweet, a burp-fart and some questioning of diet.

Talking To Border Guards On Helium. [Video]

There’s a fine line between defending the US Constitution and being a dickhead. Watch this border crossing video and decide what Robert Trudell is.