Video Of Baltimore Sinkhole In Action. [Video]

Torrential rains opened up a sinkhole in Baltimore that swallowed up a half-dozen parked cars.

Cup Noodles Museum Mascot Pitches In When Snowstorm Hits Tokyo.

Two great things going on in this tweet about the worst snowstorm to hit Tokyo in 45 years and they both relate to Cup Noodles.

Guy With 30″ Rims Is The Coolest Guy In Atlanta 364 Days A Year BUT… [Video]

when it snows, guy slipping on ice in a car with 30″ rims in Atlanta is very easy to pick out.

Barney The Dinosaur Float Popping At 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. [Video]

Maybe we should say Barney The Dinosaur went EXTINCT instead of ‘Barney The Dinosaur Float Popping At 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade’

Watch LA Area TV News Reporters Freak Out About The Rain. [Video]

It rained less than a 1/3 of an inch in Los Angeles on Thursday but judging by reaction of these television news reporters, it was Ark building weather.

Washington Illinois Tornado Filmed As It Heads Toward A House. [Video]

It doesn’t get more real than this footage shot by Marc Wells of the Washington Illinois tornado heading toward his house.

Eye Roll: Weather Person Probably Hates Being The Weather Person. [Video]

Sometimes, it’s hard to fake joy in what you do.