Great Grandmother Smoking Pot With Her Son Is Kind Of Weird. [Video]

This video from 2013 features 93-year old Silver Princess and her son Open Sky smoking a joint together. Why? Because they legally can.

Dog In Teddy Bear Costume Eating A Treat.

It took 19 days but we finally found something that is crapworthy. Thank you Ewok Teddy Bear costume dog eating a doggie treat!

Conan’s Graphic Designer Is All About Big Ass And Boob’d Mannequins. [Video]

Watching Conan O’Brien talk to staff graphic designer Pierre Bernard about his boob and ass fetish leads to some skin-crawling, uncertain laughter.

Japanese WD-40 Saves The USS Enterprise In Star Trek Into Darkness. [Video]

Who would’ve thunk it. A lubricating spray from Japan actually saved the Enterprise from rust. Thank you KURE 5-56! That’s 132 minutes I get back.