Comment on ‘Who’s Breathing The Worst Air In America’ Article Wins!

Just as you start searching for your city in the list of ‘Most Polluted Cities in America’ list, one commenter ends the debate with one sentence.

‘It’s Ok Daddy U R Still My Hero’ – Shaun Phillips Wins After Loss.

After a tough loss in the Super Bowl, Shaun Phillips’ got a text from his son that might’ve been better than winning the Super Bowl.

Game Sharing: Sony PlayStation 4 vs Microsoft Xbox One. [Video]

Dear Microsoft – Stop being control freaks. XO XO Consumers.

‘Attempted’ Above Ground Pool Jump With A Jeep. [Video]

Attempting to jump over an above ground pool in a Jeep using a wood pallet ramp.

Boyfriend Win: Empty Men’s Room At Taylor Swift Concert.

I tried to come up with other man wins at a Taylor Swift concert. Couldn’t.