International Ample Bosom Expert Position – Submit Resume [Repeat, Repeat….]

There are dream jobs and there are dream jobs you would work pro-bono. Ample Bosom Expert is probably on that list of jobs.

Delivery Fail – LA USPS Mailman Throws Box Over The Fence. [Video]

Another delivery fail for the USPS or is this an example of justified parcel tossing? Delivery fail.

DHL Delivery Prank – Pranking Competitors Into Advertising For DHL. [Video]

If you aren’t winning the market share war, you might as well win the prank battle. DHL sticks it to UPS and TNT by pranking them into advertising for DHL.

THWAITES Brewery Sign Changed To ‘TWATS’ After Announcing Layoffs.

The fact that somebody changed THWAITES Brewery sign to ‘TWATS’ is funny but not brilliant. The fact that somebody sat on the idea for so long is brilliant.

Student Wanting To Be An Intern At Buzzfeed Makes A Music Video.

Matthew Cloutier did a great job choosing the Simple Minds ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ for his ‘Buzzfeed Will You Hire Me?’ video. Maybe too good.

The Most Awesome Business Card Ever.

Mr. Guangbiao Chen’s business card looks better than most people’s resume. How did he get so awesome? I think it was Google Translate.

My New Year’s Resolution: Memorize Kim Jong-un’s 26 Minute Speech. [Video]

Kim Jong-Un beat his citizen’s to the New Year’s resolution punch again. The normal resolutions of being less hungry and having more electricity are out.

Thanks Safeway: Fake Movie Trailer About Safeway Really Closing Dominick’s Stores. [Video]

‘Former’ Dominick’s employee Steve Yamamoto goes out with a bang by making a video of his store being attacked by aliens and creatures from EnSlaveway.