Chinese Dude Lifts Shit With Nutsack.

If nutsack lifting was an Olympic sport, this man, who can lift 175lbs worth of shit with his nutsack, would win gold, silver and bronze.

World’s Greatest Boxer Is Mickey Rourke. [Video]

Mickey Rourke is such an amazing boxer that his opponents fall down and get counted out at just the thought of being hit by Mickey Rourke.

US Black Friday Crazy Exported To Ireland. [Video]

Black Friday sales in Europe? Yes and Eur-welcome.

Extreme Cat Makeover – Turn Your Cat Into An Egyptian Looking Cat.

Have you ever said to yourself: ‘Geez, my cat is boring and plain looking. I wish it would like like those Egyptian cats.’ With a little garbage, it can!

Take Notes – Larry King Turns On The Charm Machine.

How do you tell your wife you love her? By letting her know she would’ve been one heck of a hooker.

Climbing A Collapsing Iceberg. [Video]

Climbing a collapsing iceberg is like a real-life video game that I don’t want to play and barely want to watch.

CNN Anchor Gives Cosby Rape Victim Rape Avoidance Tip. [Video]

Don Lemon – WTF? Asking a rape victim why she didn’t use her teeth to avoid rape puts you in a dumbass class that is all your own. We call it Lemon Level

Put The Ashes Of A Loved One In A 3D Printed Urn Of Their Head.

What better way to say ‘I Loved You’ than by 3D printing your recently passed loved one’s head into into an urn that will hold their head.