Street Snowman Scares People Video.

The scary snowman is a holiday fixture on YouTube. Here he is scaring people in Boston.

Misheard Song Lyrics From 20 ‘Didn’t Listen To’ Artists. [Video]

You know you’re old when you watch the 2014 Misheard Song Lyrics video and you take your glasses off and say – who the fuck is that?

Talking To Border Guards On Helium. [Video]

There’s a fine line between defending the US Constitution and being a dickhead. Watch this border crossing video and decide what Robert Trudell is.

Man Has Virtual Reality Sex In Public Places Wearing I Heart Vagina Shirt. [Video]

Watch That Brown Nerd put on his Oculus’ish head display and start having some prank virtual sex in public places. Walmart, Apple Store etc.

Rocket Firework Lands In Neighbor’s Yard. [Video]

Launching a rocket firework into your neighbor’s yard is a whoopsie. Uploading a video of the rocket firework landing in your neighbor’s yard is a fuck up.

Video Without Music Is Better Than Videos With Music. [Video]

Watch Snoop Snoop and Ferrel perform Drop It Like It’s Hot in a video without music.

Angry Customer Experience Reenacted. [Video]

Funny reenactment of a YouTube video from an angry Bath and Body Works customer. It’s all about candles and not having candles you said you have.

Relax – The Skull Bashing Clown Bit Is Just A Prank. [Video]

Watch a guy, dressed up like a clown, bash some fake heads in and chase people around with a big wooden mallet.