Bailey The Screaming Deaf Dog Meet Laughing Garbage Can Parrots. [Video]

Mix videos of a screaming deaf dog and some garbage can climbing, laughing parrots together and you’ve got YouTube perfection.

‘Kill Bill’ With Kids!

Don’t ask why a scene from ‘Kill Bill’ was re-enacted with kids; you just watch it, hug your own kids and be thankful they’re not in it.

Bieber, Madonna And Lawrence Lookalikes Made A Music Video. [Video]

They’re billing themselves as The Plastics and the music video made by Justin Bieber, Madonna and Jennifer Lawrence lookalikes is difficult squared.

Audio From Godzilla 2014 Trailer Added To Godzilla 1954. [Video]

Bryan Cranston-san is featured in this revised trailer for Godzilla (Gojira) 1954.

Eating An Entire Bottle Of Cinnamon.

Watching Furious Pete’s videos is like watching a deliberate car crash. Eating an entire bottle of cinnamon is no different.

Prepare For Season 4 And Get Caught Up With Game Of Thrones In 9-Minutes. [Video]

The Fine Brothers want you to get caught up with what’s happened in the first three seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ with a 9-minutes recap.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Memorized ‘David After Dentist’ And Nails It. [Video]

For the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel had actors dramatically recreate viral YouTube videos. Only one memorized the whole bit and performed it without cue cards.

Punker Makeover. [Video]

Watch one punker makeover that takes a female punk from extreme to looking like everyone else (and she seems to like it).