Parents: Watch The Latest ‘Amazing Bets’ Video Before Your Kids Do. [Video]

Quirkology is back with their 10th Amazing Bets video.

Time Is Frightening With The ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ Crew. [Video]

Get to know TIME better with the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Puppets. Think twisted Yo Gabba Gabba! and a little Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

What Happens To You When You Eat Two Chocolate Bhutlah Peppers? [Video]

Watch a YouTuber going by the name LA Beast eat two Chocolate Bhutla Peppers and pay the half the price. The next half will be paid when he drops a deuce.

Maddox Speaks : This Time It’s Airline Fees He’s HAPPY To Pay. [Video]

Enjoy another round of Maddox as he says in his 30’s what most of us won’t say until we’re 80.

YouTuber ThatsSoNathan Calls Out Joey Graceffa Over Credit For Video Intro. [Video]

In the internet age, the best way to get revenge is to make a video. I sorely miss settling our differences in person, face to face, like ventriloquists.

Dropped Wallet Prank : A ‘Split The Money And Run’ Social Experiment. [Video]

A person drops their wallet and a stranger picks it up and asks you if you want to split the money – what would you do?

Death Hacks For Zombies From ‘DED Talk: A TED Talk For Zombies’ [Video]

It’s not easy being a zombie and now one zombie wants to better other zombies with his own DED Talk.

‘Some Nights’ By Fun With The World’s Greatest Beatboxer Ever! [Video]

The internet is full of crap… ‘Some Nights’ By Fun with the world’s greatest beatboxer ever is what’s good about the internet.